Wooden Bedroom Tile Flooring

Designing bedroom should be created as attractive as possible in order to comfort the host. One of ways to create cozy and fun feeling within a bedroom is by designing interesting bedroom tile flooring. In this time, material used as bedroom tile flooring is very varied and one of tile types which is most-loved is wooden tile. Wooden tile is used by some people for its excess, yet they should not forget about the lack as well. These are the excess and the lack of wooden tile as consideration before you really pick this sort of tile to be your bedroom tile flooring.

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Bedroom Tile Flooring Using Wooden Tile : The Excess and The Lack of Wooden Tile

The first excess of wooden tile is bringing out natural impression within the room. For those who love nature atmosphere, the use of wooden tile could make them love to stay longer within their bedroom. Varied wooden motif makes us feel free in choosing theme for our interior design. The second excess is creating warm room atmosphere and outlook. Your bedroom would seem warm though you face winter or rainy season. It is because the nature of wood which could store heat from day in which it could be used to warm the air at night.

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However, wooden tile also has some lacks. The first lack is that there is special treatment in order to keep it away from rotten condition. It is because wooden tile is easily influenced by dampness and wooden tile would raise less savory smell. The second lack is that wooden tile could expand and shrink as drastically happening temperature change.

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When wooden tile happens to expand, this would cause uneven and uncomfortable tile. The third lack is that wooden tile is difficult to clean. It is because of the nature of wooden tile which could easily absorb any liquid thing. Besides, wooden tile which is rarely cleaned could become the den of disease and bacteria. So, do you still have an interest to have wooden tile as your bedroom tile flooring?

Bedroom Tile Flooring Using Wooden Tile : How To Maintain Wooden Tile

After you choose to use wooden tile for your bedroom tile flooring, the main thing to do next is how maintain well. There are many wooden tile product which promises scratch resistant to you for it already is covered by anti-scratch. However, it still needs well maintenance.Maintaining wooden tile needs to be done carefully in order the beauty of wooden tile remains long last.

When you sweep the wooden tile, try to use soft broom. It is important to keep the wooden tile from scratch. Meanwhile, to maintain preservation, avoid the use of much more water to wooden tile. Thus, use dry cloth to wipe the floor in order the water does not seep into the wooden pore. To keep the wooden floor stays beautiful, polish up lemon oil once in a month. This sort of oil is regarded safer for family activity. By considering all those things, you could keep your wooden tile to be chosen as your bedroom tile flooring.

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