Well-Known Modular Houses

This modular house product is most used in the entire world, either in developing countries or developed countries like America, Europe, and China as the effort for efficiency and affectivity in the need fulfillment acceleration in society housing. I-CON modular house is marketed for export purpose in Middle East countries like Iraq, Bahrain, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and ASEAN neighbor countries like Myanmar and Timor Lest, and Indonesia.

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I-CON modular house

This modular house design uses panel sandwich system with galvanize finishing and light steel structure so that it has high corrosion resistance, well construction power, yet it is light and easily mobilized and reconstructed as the costumers’ need. From price aspect, this product is a lot more efficient and effective compared with other conventional building for the save of material aspect, easy and fast installation time, and efficient material transportation. This company also could fulfill all the construction design willingness as the costumers’ wish since for them, flexibility, quality, and customers’ satisfaction are the main grades which they concern.

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The Excess of I-CON Modular House

There are many excesses from I-CON modular house as the innovative product in the property world. The first is that is uses panel sandwich material which is strong with steel structure as its frame. It has high enough resistance in wind and earthquake compared with ordinary concrete building.

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It has well resistance towards corrosion and termite from material aspect for it involves galvanic process for corrosion resistance more than 20 years and it does not use wooden material. It also is a quarter up to sixth times lighter than traditional construction so that it is easy to move if needed.

The next excess of this modular house is that it has fire resistance and well heat insulation because of its material panel. It has good water resistance for the roof which makes modular house is protected from any leakage. It has good sound insulation power. It could be installed and demolished more easily than ordinary conventional construction. It could be supplied as the dimension and size needed.

The next excess of this modular house is the knock-down system from I-CON components which make wider space to the delivery need with container. The floor, ceiling, partition, roof, door shape, and color of the building could be adjusted with the costumers’ wish just like adjusting the design they want. There is no limit in the area usage so that it is more efficient.

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