Unique Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Reclaimed wood is wood which is taken from many sources of existing human creation. This sort of wood has many unique features and benefits compared with new wood. Reclaimed wood has big potential for historical restoration popularity and green construction technique.

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Introducing Reclaimed Wood for Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Reclaimed wood material does not only have high economic value. More than that, the imperfection which exists in this material has its own unique. Reclaimed wood is demand by consumers for this product is unique and unbeatable. Besides, the impression of worn-out and shabby of this reclaimed wood presents high historical side.

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Consumers as though having an art object, though this is just furniture. Reclaimed wood is wood which is taken from existing construction which has been made before and reused instead of thrown away or let to be slowly decomposed. This wood usually is used in new construction to give the new construction some antique or elder look. Reclaimed wood is also used for creating tile flooring also furniture as well as cabinet plus reclaimed wood countertop and many others.

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The age of the wood barn is the main source of reclaimed wood countertop yet the materials could also come from old bridge, warehouse, ship, cistern, and other types of building. There are many companies which specializes themselves in reclaimed wood selling. Reclaimed wood countertop has many useful features for commonly this wood would not melt much component as many as new wood. You could also find reclaimed wood is harvested from old tress which has particular texture and characteristic which could not be found in younger or smaller trees.

Using reclaimed wood has many benefits in environment and aesthetic. Reclaimed wood could decrease the need to cut down trees for new woods. It is because reclaimed wood has usually been in the form of boards so that it would save more energy. Using reclaimed wood for new construction would make it looks more classical.

Materials used for Reclaimed Wood Countertops

The material used for reclaimed wood countertop is wood which is hard and old. Some of them are house reclaimed wood, ship reclaimed wood, or railway sleepers reclaimed wood. Those reclaimed woods are made of teak. The drought level of those woods is really high so that it could be resistant from water, termite, and mold.

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