To Create Traditional Kitchen Design

Kitchen is supposed to be in every house in which people could prepare foods. The meaning of kitchen based on its function is a special room which contains equipments to be used to prepare, process, and cook foodstuff to be ready food which is served and enjoyed. Though the shape of the kitchen in one house to other houses is not the same, yet the function of the kitchen is almost the same in each. Every host surely needs foodstuff and appliances to process. Thus, kitchen belongs to vital room and it has to be presented in the house.

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The Difference between Modern and Traditional Kitchen Design

Based on its classification, kitchen is differentiated into two kinds of kitchen and those are traditional kitchen design and modern kitchen design. Traditional kitchen design is kitchen which commonly uses traditional kitchen appliances in cooking process. The kitchen appliances could be stone or cement furnace with coal or wood as the fuel. Kitchen appliances used sometimes still uses brass or clay as its material.

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The level of circulation in traditional kitchen design is scattered for the triangle points of work which is far from each other. This thing is influenced by the local habit or the local culture and influenced by the factor of comfort of the traditional society. The main trigger of traditional kitchen design is environmental factor and the comfort of the host.

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Meanwhile, the kitchen appliances of modern kitchen design are now getting evolved and innovative so that it is getting more sophisticated in each day. Thus, modern kitchen design could be classified as a kitchen which does not use furnace as the cooking tool. It is because kitchen tools now are getting more developed than before in which now people use kitchen stove, hotplate, and many other modern stoves.

Beautiful Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional kitchen design still becomes option for some families. The design is elegant and warm as reflecting the personality of the hosts who want some beauty and comfort. This sort of design is chosen by many people for its width is larger than modern kitchen design so that it could hold more family members. Though the design is almost similar to old world and country style, the arrangement of traditional kitchen design has difference.

The style of traditional kitchen looks warmer and more classical with many inspirational elements. Traditional kitchen design commonly combine soft and calm colors like beige, white, dark gray, light gray, or green. Meanwhile old world design uses light blue and gold touch for its design. Part of this style attraction, like country, is completed by some ornaments like fruits, flowers, and butterflies.

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