Tips For Hardwood Floor Protection

Hardwood floor needs more intensive protection and treatment than ordinary floor. just like when you protect furniture in wood material, the hardwood floor protection also needs the same accuracy. There are ways in doing hardwood floor protection.

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The plywood layer for Hardwood Floor Protection

The first is habituating to floor the hardwood floor every day in order dust would not be cumulative. In the surface of the floor, you had better use soft broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and continue it by using dry cloth to lift the rest of the dust.

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The second is remembering that the main material of hardwood floor is wood, thus the main enemy is dampness. It is suggested to treat hardwood by using vacuum cleaner or broom only. You may not swab hardwood floor for the puddle which isolated in the plywood layer could harm the floor.

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Besides, the enhancement of humidity in hardwood floor could raise drastic difference in pressure. As the consequence is the hinge of the hardwood could be loose and when being trampled, this would sound or be creaking.

The next in doing hardwood floor protection is though there are many hardwood floor product which guarantees anti-scratch and unable to absorb water, you had better avoid water use in hardwood floor to keep its preservation lest water absorbs into the pores for this would make it peeled.

Tips for Hardwood Floor alternative

If your hardwood floor has food or drink stain, soon lift the stain by using tissue or dry cloth, and use special cleanser liquid for hardwood floor to clean the surface. In order not to leave any scratch on the surface of the hardwood floor, you should be careful when moving things or furniture. You had better lift the furniture and coat the pedestal of the furniture in order there is no scratch on the floor.

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