Protect Hardwood Floors Well

If you have floor with hardwood material, it would make the room becomes warmer and more elegant. However, for protection matter, choosing hardwood floor means extra protection. It is because incorrect treatment could ruin hardwood floor which could be said as sensitive material.

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To Protect Hardwood Floors from Stains

There are ways to clean and protect hardwood floor for your house. To clean the room, the first thing to do is moving furniture within the house. Move it to particular space of the house so that you would be able to do cleaning and protecting activity. However, when you move the furniture, you should not do any friction for once friction in particular pressure would cause scratch.

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When you move the furniture, you had better use soft pedestal like towel or cloth. Put it on the bottom of the furniture when you want to move it. The next step to clean and protect hardwood floor is cleaning the hardwood floor with broom in soft material. Otherwise, you could use vacuum cleaner to lift the dust and dirt which attaches on the hardwood floor.

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Use dry cloth to clean the hardwood floor. Wet cloth would seep to the pores of the hardwood floor and could cause damage. Then you could lift the remaining dirt from the floor by rubbing it in a circular way in order the hardwood floor becomes cleaner. To lighten the way to protect hardwood floor, you could use carpet on the top of it. Carpet could protect hardwood floor for area which is often passed by the hosts. To clean and protect carpet also is precedence in order the dust would not fall into and mess the floor.

To Protect Hardwood Floors to be more lasting

To protect hardwood floor is not always easy all the time. However, if you know the right ways to protect it, you could maintain your hardwood floor well for hardwood floor is well-known to be quite sensitive tile flooring type. There are things you should know to protect hardwood floor in order to maintain and make it more lasting.

The first way is when you enter the room using hardwood floor, you had better not wear shoes with rough sole, high heels, or clog for it would be the same as moving furniture which would create scratch or indention which would be hard to disappear from your hardwood floor. If you have pets, you should take care of the claws of your pets by cutting it. The next way to protect hardwood floor is by using curtain to protect it from direct sun light which could affect cracked and color changing.

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