Prices Of Prefab Homes

The general definition of prefab home is a house which its components are made and installed in factory becomes parts like panel or module. The parts which have been ready are taken to the place planned. In the destination location, these parts are arranged and then it just needs finishing and utility.

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Prices of Prefab Homes are Cheaper than Common Home

Generally, constructing system in this way is functioned to have cheaper cost, faster construction time, better home quality standard for the components are produced by factory, and standard material characteristics like easier to get, lighter, well temperature and weather protection, easily applied, fire resistance, earthquake resistance, and many others.

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Prices of prefab homes become more varied since there are many factories which work on this business. Related to the excesses which are offered above, prices of prefab homes are categorized as cheaper if we compare it with other common homes. Though the construction of prefab homes are relatively smaller than common homes, yet people do not care about this thing too much for what they concern is about the function of the home itself which is to give shelter. For those who need a home to take shelter, prices of prefab homes become less important.

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Prices of Prefab Homes: Types of Prefab Homes

There are some types of prefab homes you should know as consideration. The first type is mobile home. All parts of this home type are not produced or made in the location of the project yet it is made in the factory (off-site), in finished form then it is moved or sent to the location of the project. The second type of prefab homes is Kit-home.

All components of this prefab home is produced and packed in the factory (off-site0, then those components are arranged or assembled in the location of the project (on-site). The last type of prefab home is modular home. All components up to become panel or module (standard) are produced in factory, and then those modules are combined to become a house in the location of the project (on-site).

Among all those types of prefab homes, modular home and mobile home are the popular one in for some people. The prices of prefab homes in these types are also varied. However, modular home might become the most expensive price of prefab home for there are many people who love to have this type of prefab homes. As in economics, the more demand is, the more expensive the cost would be.

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