Practical And Anti-Scratch Laminated Wood Floors

If you visit building store or material exhibition, you might hear the term of laminated wood floors. Laminated wood could be said as the development of wood flooring. First, when wood is available in many amounts, wood flooring is made of solid wood. However, when wood starts to be scarce, innovation begins to rise.

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Laminated Wood Floors: Practical and Anti-Scratch

Laminated wood floors are made of some material layers which are glued into one. Generally, there are four former layers. The bottom part is the protector layer which is usually melamine which functions to protect wood from damp raised by the existing floor.

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The upper layer is the main material which is usually medium density fiberboard or high density fiberboard. The upper layer of this layer is decorative material for HDF has plain surface, and then it is needed artificial wood motif in order the look of the floor is like natural wood. This wood patterned layer is usually made of resin.

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The last is the topmost layer which is strong transparent film and functions as the protector. Due to this layer, laminated wood floors are anti-scratch and water resistance. The weakness of laminated wood floors is since it is made of sawdust, it is not too strong to resist load. Therefore, this material is suitable used for rooms which have no much load, like bedroom or living room.

For easy installation, laminated wood floors are designed with interlocking system in between tongue and niche. The way to install is to enter the tongue from one piece to the niche in other piece. This is different from the ceramic installation which is each piece should be glued to the floor lower.

The installation of laminated wood floors becomes easier like installing puzzle.

If it is compared with other wood floors, laminated wood floors are more reachable in price. This is because the basic material is processed wood like HDF. On the bottom of laminate wood, usually is given protector layer like melamine to avoid the dampness. Meanwhile the top part is given wooden patter with printing system.

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