Office Desk For Two Persons Or More

The layout of a room would be very helpful to maximize the function of a room. Office interior is designed with each function. Moreover, an office interior also would not be away of meeting room which is very important in doing transaction or discussion about business being worked. Precise room arrangement could give positive impact especially to office desk which is provided would influence the quality of the meeting.

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Designs of Office Desk for Two Persons or More

The shape, material, and size of office desk depend on the need of the office. For meeting for two persons, rectangle or oval shaped desk would be precise option. If the meeting is attended by more than two persons, office desk needed is oval shaped desk. There are some designs of office desk for two persons or more.

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Workspace Desk for Two or more persons is office desk

The first design of office desk for two is office desk with U shape layout. This office desk is a series of table conference which is arranged in U shape and the chairs are on the outside of the desks in condition surrounding the desk. U shaped style is often used for director meeting, committee meeting, or discussion group in which there is speaker, audio-visual presentation, or other focal points.

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In doing arrangement of office desk in U shaped, you had better avoid U set-up for bigger group more than twenty five persons for U side which is too long would have negative impact which is not all the members could join the meeting. U shape desk could give many benefits like good office room, good interaction between members, audio-visual and speaker available could be accepted as whole. Unfortunately, U shaped desk is not very suggested if the members of the meeting in big scale.

The second design of office desk for two or more persons is office desk with classroom style. The order of conference tables with chairs face to the front of the room with a speaker in front of and provides space to write for each member. This model is really ideal to do noting activity and meeting activity which needs reference material or other devices like computer or laptop.

This design is the most comfortable for long session and enables snacks and beverage to be placed in the reach of the participants. The excess of this desk design is the presenter could see all the participants and could accommodate participants in big amount within limited room. Meanwhile the lack is interaction happening is very little and participants could only see the backs of other participants.

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