Materials For Countertops Options

One of important elements which have to be available in the kitchen design besides cooking equipments and utensils is countertop options. Countertop functions to process any food ingredients on its top. Thus, countertop options are not merely seen from the appearance. It would be better if you consider some things like cooking habit, the condition of the house, and the availability of the countertop materials. This thing would be correlated with the quality and the sorts of material you choose.

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The Excess and The Lack of Concrete Countertop Options

One of countertop material often used is concrete. At first, concrete countertop presents to fulfill any function and activity in the kitchen. This activity is related to all kitchen tools. Thus, concrete countertop is presented as a place to store tools or a place for kitchen stove, and other cooking activities. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention to its excess and its lack before you decide to use concrete for your countertop option.

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The first excess of concrete is its firm construction. As it’s known that concrete is one of strong materials. Its nature makes your countertop firmer. The second one is that this material is fit to kitchen without bottom cabinet. The third one is that it is fit to the ceramics top table finishing. Thus, it would be safer at its connection.

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The first lack of concrete is that concrete countertop has minimally thickness 8 cm so that it would decrease the space height of the bottom cabinet and this would affect to the size of other kitchen accessories like bottle rack, etc. The second lack is that at last concrete countertop also would be covered by finishing material. Thus you would spend much more budget for this. The last lack is that its bottom cabinet would become damp as the consequence of cold nature of concrete. As the result is there would be bad smell and inviting insects.

In short, you might consider first before you choose concrete as your countertop options.

Butcher Block for Countertop Options

Butcher block countertop is commonly made of hard wood like maple, red oak, and teak. The installing process of this sort of countertop options is categorized as simple likewise its repair. You just have to sanding and cover it with the need. Wood also could give natural impression within your kitchen. Wooden countertop could give texture and warmth as well as balancing the soft perfect finishing from this sort of traditional design.

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