Loft Window Treatments To Do

Loft is the top level of a construction. Usually the usage of loft is merely referring to the top level. Loft could be found in home interior designs which the roof is triangle shaped. Based on the function, loft could be divided into two, and those are loft which is used as a room and loft which is used as storage place.

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Loft which is functioned as a room is usually planned at the beginning of the construction by the house owners. They deliberately provide it in the first time they build a house. Creating loft window for your house could increase the beauty of the house becomes more perfect and elegant though you have small house. Adding loft window could also make your house seems bigger.

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Loft window becomes one of best solutions to beautify your house. The main function of using loft window is to provide natural light and to give ventilation as well. However, loft window is also up to be cleaned as other windows in the house. There are several loft window treatments which you could apply. Doing loft window treatments by your own could be really excited.

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The first thing to do is collecting all the tools needed to the reachable area. Start by cleaning the inside of the window for the outside might be dirtier. The next loft window treatment is making sure the floor around your loft window is covered by towel in order you would not be slipped. Add cleanser detergent to the bucket filled warm water according to the instruction of the label.

Your cleanser liquid should be foamy well. Enter the brush into the bucket so that it would be foamy and wet. Rub gently and thoroughly the glass by moving the sponge in vertical motion. Remember to reach the corners of the loft window. Take window cleanser tools and attach it to the glass then move it from top to bottom corner of the window.

Pull the cleanser rubber evenly, strongly, and horizontally from side to side. Wipe the cleanser rubber with cloth after to throw away dirt and water. Use towel or cloth to erase all remaining water and soap. Those are some ways for loft window treatments to maintain your loft window in your house.

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