Innovative Wall Coat Hanger

Wall coat hanger does not have to be in iron or wire material which is shaped such that. You may try to create a wall coat hanger by using scraps around you. Besides its function which is to hang coats or clothes, this hanger could also become as unique decoration in your house. There are some wall coat hanger creations which you could create by yourself by using scraps around you.

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Inspiration for Unique Wall Coat Hanger

Do you have paintbrush which has already been stiff in its brush? Wait for a second; you should not be in a rush to throw it away. Paintbrush in fact is not always used to color wall or other equipments in your house. It has been probably the time to give a second life chance for your paintbrush by turning it to be wall coat hanger. The way is by bending the brush over just like hook, and your paintbrush shaped hanger is ready to decorate your house.

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Old cutlery like old spoon and fork could also be recycled to become wall coat hanger which is fancy and unique. You could try to shape the handle part to resemble hook and you could have new wall coat hanger from your old spoon and fork. In fact, if door handle is utilized well also could become a wall coat hanger. You could select different shapes of door handle in order to look unique or you could also choose the same shapes in order to look even.

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Other option is by using heels. Do not just throw away your old high heels. In reality, the heels of your shoes could be recycled to become wall coat hanger. This also could become unique decoration in your house.

Have you ever thought about creating wall coat hanger by using old taps in your house? this is the time. You could try to collect your old taps which are not used anymore and utilize it as thw wall coat hanger. This would more interesting if you hang it on the wall of the bathroom.

Ways to Keep the Neatness of Wall Coat Hanger

There are some ways to keeps the neatness of your wall coat hanger. The first is to make sure things which you want to hang. Some home owners usually just hang their clothes without knowing exactly the things they hang. By knowing this, you could arrange some things like arranging the power of the wall coat hanger and the gap between hangers.

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