How Much Is A Prefab Home

Prefab home is a house which the construction of its building is fast for it uses module as the product of industry. The components are made and installed by the industry. After all are ready, then it is carried to the location, and reassembled fast so that they just have to equip the utility and finishing.

Architecture Contemporary Home In The Hills Nature Landscapes In The Outdoor Ideas With Nice And Wonderful Scenery On The Top Of The City Green Trees And Green Grass How Much Is A Prefab Home

Therefore, some benefits like fast construction, cleaner environment construction, and lower cost, could be reached. It is because how much is a prefab home is based on the module and freedom to choose the design becomes limited in what has been available. However, this does not decrease the market demand to keep using it.

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Architecture Contemporary Architecture With Swimming Pool In Front Of Home White Wall Yellow Lighting Comfortable Sofa Sliding Glass Door Architecture Design Architecture Houses Ideas How Much Is A Prefab Home

How Much is a Prefab House: The Definition of Prefab House

The definition of prefab house is very varied. In America or Canada, prefab house is more well-known as manufactured house which focuses on steel structure, follows mobile home, or caravan as the dynamic house which becomes the pioneer for almost four centuries long. This also could not be separated from the production process of manufactured house which is 85% among them have to be finished in the factory, or it is still distinguished with modular house as prefab house.

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From 1996, 24% new house consumptions in America are prefab house. Case in Europe and Japan are quite different. Prefab house has only one definition which is as a house with particular module and build like ordinary house. The difference is some of the components are finished in the factory. Some people categorize this definition in prefab dwell house and have become part of housing culture in those countries. After World War II, prefab house becomes choices for the speed of the construction and its low cost so that none would ask how much is a prefab house anymore.

How Much is a Prefab House: Things Related to Prefab House

Wood is most used as the main choice of construction material for its flexibility. From wood, it develops more to other materials like precast concrete, light gauge-steel, timber framed, and many other materials. Societies nowadays could choose prefab houses individually by just choosing the design in the catalog or housing plaza and some possible modification. House would be ready in no more than a month of construction time after all the requirements are available.

By fastening the construction time, building, and quality control in the factory, then some problems related to how much is a prefab house cost and obstacle towards environment when constructing could be reduced a little bit. Besides, response towards sustainability issue started to be renewed by utilizing eco friendly materials like using recycled materials and the system of construction physics focuses more on solar or hybrid system.

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