Hardwood Floor Laminate For Interior Design

What is meant to be hardwood floor laminate is floor which looks like usual hardwood floor yet its creating system is quite different. The material used is solid wood and it is given some layers which consist of four parts which are stacked and ordered integrally using high pressure and temperature.

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Hardwood Floor Laminate and Its Parts

The first layer is on the top part in which it is called as wear layer which is anti-scratch, not able to be dull, and has special protection. To have better quality, this part also equipped with other layer which is attached by using embossing system which becomes the second layer. The third layer of hardwood floor laminate is the core layer. Its usage has function to create better stability system.

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Material used to create this layer is fiber which is compacted with high pressure and then it is strengthened again with other material which is resin to bind. This resin is used in order the floor could be water resistant at once to increase its quality and usage age.

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Meanwhile, the fourth layer of hardwood floor laminate is on the bottom and named as backing layer. Its function is to support the third layer’s power. The shape of this last layer is material of thin laminate. Furthermore, it also has function to sustain in order floor is not damp and not able to curve or to happen any shape changing.

How to Choose Hardwood Floor Laminate

Hardwood floor laminate is actually artificial of solid wood flooring which has layers which looks like wooden fiber layered by plastic coating. The result of this coating gives wooden effect with better resistance. This hardwood floor laminate has locking system to ease the installation process.

As the consequence of the coating layer, this type of wood is more resistant towards either scratch or water to be compared with other types of floor yet it needs to be avoided in putting things which is too heavy on the top of it. Hardwood floor laminate is well-known as alternative for solid wood floor for its price is cheaper, anti-scratch, and easier in treatment.

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