Handmade Chandeliers In Japanese Style

Japanese chandelier is usually made of basic material like thin cloth, bamboo as the frame, and small bulb. Therefore, it is pretty easy to create this handmade chandelier. However, though it is made of simple material, the lighting effect which is produced could be maximal and bring its own character and unique.

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To Create Japanese Handmade Chandeliers

The materials and tools used are cloth or thin paper, small bamboo rods, interlining, construction adhesive, white glue, knife, scissors, handsaw, and nail. Before beginning to create, you could collect precise chandelier materials. It is suggested to use recycled materials from home interior decoration. If you have the rest of blind slat Venesia, you could utilize it as the part of this handmade chandelier. Then, select other material; you could use bamboo or rattan with enough diameters.

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Those materials often are used for lighting creation in oriental concept, and one of those is this Japanese chandelier. One absolute thing is to choose material which shows impression as naturally as possible in order to show more the Japanese character. Special for cloth which covers the lighting later on, make sure that the cloth could create a shadow from the lighting or the lighting source which is placed in the chandelier.

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For frame, you had better choose bamboo with small diameter. It would be better if you utilize the presence material. You could take bamboo from broken furniture. You could also use clamp or secondhand chopstick. Take three chopsticks which is glued into one in order to be stronger to replace the position of bamboo rods.

Handmade lighting Chandeliers

In order you are not mistaken in creating the lighting design, you had better make the sketch first and then apply it on the cloth material and create pattern shaping the lighting design. By creating the sketch first, you could estimate the dimension and the size of your handmade chandelier which is adjusted with the material availability.

Interlining could be used as the background of the chandelier. This background also has two other benefits that are as the barrier of the chandelier and as the feature which diffuses light from the lighting source which is in the chandelier.

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