Examples Of Retro Lamp

Retro style is very well known in 1960-1970’s. Retro design style of 70’s is identical with bright, light, and dynamic colors which portrays pleasant lifestyle and is full of passion. However, it is different from retro style in 60’s. This style is identical with attractive colors which could be seen in chairs, sofa, or other furniture which uses contrast colors and metallic unsure which also becomes the main material in 60’s retro style.

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Retro Lamp for House Interior Design

Lamp is becoming one most important part in house interior design. Some various unique lamp designs have been created, and one of them is retro lamp design. Retro lamp usually brings the impression of shabby, classical, unique, and romantic. The use of this lamp design would make your house becomes more artistic and antique. There are some retro lamp designs in markets which you could get to beautify your house interior design.

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The first one is retro lamp named Birdcage Lamp which is designed by Japanese Art Work Design Studio. This lamp presents something soft yet complicated which could be used in romantic interior design. This lamp serves feature in the shape of little birdcage equipped by iron little bird. This lamp could be used in one light bulb only and seen beautiful to be used in the night.

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This lamp has a shape like a cage which could be assembled and also hung or just out as the way it is. This lamp is available in black and white color. Other example of retro lamps is a design from The Lavender Chic Nouveau Lamp. This casted-irom lamp seems very simple yet elegant if it is applied in the design. Besides, this lamp has cover in some various shapes, colors, and sizes.

The Clamp as Retro Lamp

The clamp is a retro lamp which is made of wooden material which is presented with a unique design touch. Not only unique, this lamp also has other excess that its height is very easily arranged as suitable with the need. This lamp is very close to the look of retro style which has very unique structure. The unique of this lamp is produced from the lamp house cantilever in the shape of tweezers. This tweezers enables to sustain and hold the lamp house.

Every people surely have different taste of lighting. Thus, to adjust its light penetration, you should set its height. You should not be worried since to set its height is very easily done. You just need to take off the wooden tweezers which belongs in the house lamp, and then you could set the height as suitable with the need.

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