Environmentally Friendly Carpet For Interior

Room in a house often feels incomplete without any carpet on the floor. In designing aspect, a carpet could indeed make the floor feels more expressive and beautiful. The atmosphere of the occupancy is becoming warmer. Nonetheless, you had better choose environmentally friendly carpet to use. It is because there are many factors on why we have to choose environmentally friendly carpet for our house.

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Reasons why Choosing Environmentally Friendly Carpet

In health side, carpet could become the source of disease for the whole family members. Many dust and dirt which attaches on carpet could become the nest of disease. The cover of the floor is part which is most fragile to disease. Carpet, especially which has thick feather could become the nest of dust and dirt.

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In this lately decade, the material used for carpets become more varied. Carpets nowadays use synthetic fiber material and other materials with chemical substances which is easily evaporating in the air. These chemical substances could be inhaled and bothering the respiratory, moreover to your children who have some allergic or asthma.

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Synthetic carpet material which contains VOC could cause any respiratory disorders and headache for there are many allergens there in the carpet. However, you do not need to roll your carpet and throw it away, you just need to choose environmentally friendly carpet material which is safe for your health.

Choosing Environmentally Friendly Carpet

You had better choose environmentally friendly carpet which is made of natural fiber material like wool, cotton, and many others. Besides it is environmentally friendly, these materials are also healthier for it is free from chemical substances. However, you could choose carpet which has environmentally friendly label and safe for health. You should concern about the size and the texture of the environmentally friendly carpet.

The bigger the size is, the bigger the possibility carpet spreads the allergen. Carpet in small size is better for it has fewer germs hidden in its fiber. You had better not choose carpet with long and thick textured feather. Long and thick feather is more difficult to clean from dust and dirt. There are some tips maintain your environmentally friendly carpet.

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