Design A Bathroom In A House

Bathroom is the center part of a house. Morning activity is started in this place. When we want to build or renovate good, cozy, and healthy bathroom, there are things we need to concern. The first thing concerned to design a bathroom is the size. Big or small size of a bathroom depends on the area available. If our house is big, we could create big bathroom. However, if the width of the house is limited, then bathroom has to be adjusted.

Bathroom White Jacuzzi Tub Ideas With White Wall Design Ideas With White Curtain And White Appearance Faucet For Bathroom Design Ideas For Bathroom Design Ideas Design A Bathroom In A House

Another factor is the activity done in the bathroom. If bathroom is used for the place to make up or you might love to soak, bathroom size should be bigger. The second thing concerned to design a bathroom is determining wet or dry bathroom. If you want to have dry bathroom, you have to separate the wet area for bathing like shower or bathtub and dry area for closet and sink. The separation of these wet and dry areas could use shower box or if you want to have simpler look, you could use glass partition.

Bathroom White Jacuzzi Tub Ideas For Modern Bathroom Interior Design Ideas With Silver Faucet And Dark Black Ceramic Floor For Small Bathroom Ideas Design A Bathroom In A House
Bathroom White Corner Jacuzzi Tub Ideas For Bathroom Interior Design With Stainless Faucets For Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas And Futuristic Shaped Dark Reclining Design A Bathroom In A House

The third thing concerned to design a bathroom is the location. The placement of sanitation tools in the bathroom should be arranged well. For instance is the placement of sink. Sink is placed to the front part in order when you wash hands, you need not come inside the bathroom. Otherwise, do not place closet in the wet area. You could use sanitation tools like tap, shower, and floor drainage from stainless steel for it is stronger and easily maintained. Furthermore, its look would add aesthetic of the bathroom which has been adjusted with the theme of the bathroom.

Bathroom Spacious Bathroom Design Idea For Bathroom Interior Design Ideas And Small Bathroom Vanity Sets Design With Mounted Mirror And Marble Flooring Design Design A Bathroom In A House
Bathroom Spacious Bathroom Design Idea And Mounted Washbasin Cabinet Design With Bathtub And Wooden Floor With Bay Window Without Curtain And Mounted Mirror Design A Bathroom In A House

Design a Bathroom to Make it Fancy, Cozy, Roomy, and Happy

The fourth thing concerned to design a bathroom is lighting. Lighting becomes important component as well for health since bathroom often becomes nest where the development of disease. Thus, if it is possible, design a bathroom which could get direct sun light. If the ceramic used is dark, you had better place brighter lighting than in using bright ceramic.

You could add local lighting on the top of mirror, on the corners of the bathroom, or by using indirect lighting if you use drop ceiling to plafond. You could use halogen type of lamp in the local place of the bathroom. The fifth thing concerned to design a bathroom is the air circulation. Creating ventilation in the bathroom also becomes the main requirement in order bathroom keeps clean and healthy.

If bathroom is on the side wall which does not attach with outside room, then you should use exhaust fan to throw away dirty air through plafond. Thus, when you design a bathroom, its location should adjoin with outward in order air could come and go freely so that bathroom would not be damp and stifled.

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