Cork Countertops For Kitchen Option

Cork is the outer layer of bark which is produced by cork oak. However, this is not just bark of any kind. The bark of this tree is light, fire-resistant, and flexure.

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Innovations Cork Countertops for Kitchen Design

Cork oak could produce powerful bark. If it is not harvested, the bark could thickened up to twenty five centimeters which functions as coat to protect it from heat, cold, and forest fires. If cork oak bark is harvested, the new layer would grow for about ten years.

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Cork is a sort of material which is environmentally friendly. Oak forest which is well managed shows that people could work harmoniously with nature and harvest the product without harming its wealth. Old cork oak could beautify country, provide shelter and food for livestock which is grazing under the branches, and makes summer does not feel too hot.

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Cork nowadays is used for households. Some furniture companies or interior designers begin to create some innovations by using this material. One of those innovations is cork countertop. Cork countertop would fit for those who want to have neutral and natural look within their kitchen.

Cork for Kitchen Countertop Design

There are many factors which could be considered when choosing precise materials for kitchen countertop. Those factors are price, aesthetic, installation, maintenance, its environmentally friendly, sustainability, and many other things.

Cork appears in between those considerations. This material is in the middle warm discussed dealing with its ability to last in wet and damp environment. Basically, cork countertop is known for its material sustainability and comfort which are given for the users. Cork is available in different colors you could choose.

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