Best Kitchen Designs 2013 And Its Criteria

Best kitchen designs 2013 modern are enjoyed by many people. The use of glass feature in this modern design becomes the specialty from this design. Some designers try to present their best kitchen designs 2013 through visualization and unusual color solution.

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Introduction to Best Kitchen Designs 2013

The design in this modern design is very functional with high quality feature mechanism. Glass door with pop color motif could change the impression of the kitchen becomes alive and positive. Entirely, best kitchen designs 2013 turns the kitchen becomes very stylish and impressive.

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Criteria of Best Kitchen Designs 2013

Becoming best kitchen designs 2013 have meet some criteria. There are many criteria to be the as consideration in choosing best kitchen designs 2013. Good room and environment of a kitchen is not close to the garbage disposal, a pile of junk, not much flies, ants, insects, rats, and pets. There is sewerage which means household waste with gauze to cover rats track, grease filter, and is cleaned regularly, well water disposal, and there is no stagnant water.

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The construction of the building has to fulfill sanitation requirement. The tile flooring is level, soft, watertight, acid resistant, strong, not slick, not perforated, easily cleaned, and there is no angle of death in the floor meeting. The surface of the inside wall has to be smooth and dry, not absorbing water, easily cleaned, and no holes.

If the surface of the wall contacts with the water splash, in 2 meters from the floor you have to cover it with water-resistant material which has soft surface, does not hold dust, and has light color. The ceiling of best kitchen designs 2013 has covered the roof of the building. The height of the ceiling is no less than 2,4 meters above the floor.

The door of the building has to be opening outwards. At the windows, doors, and ventilations in the place where the foods are processed should be completed with gauze which could be opened and installed. All the doors of food processing room are made to close by it or it is completed by anti-flies equipments.

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