Best Apartment Furniture: Teak

If your are teak lover and your are now living in apartment, then you need not worry to combine your passion in teak furniture for your apartment. Teak would be the best apartment furniture for you. However, some people are still confused in choosing teak for the best furniture apartment. Teak is chosen as the main option for this material is strong, termite resistant, and easily maintained.

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Teak for Best Apartment Furniture

Choosing good teak furniture is pretty hard. Moreover, if the buyers do not understand anything about teak, there are some tips to choose good teak furniture. Usually by naked eye, the appearance of good teak could be looked from its finishing. If the finishing is good, the wood base is good as well. In the other hand, if the finishing is less neat, rather hairy, or rough, then the teak must be less good.

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However, you should not be fooled by the appearance. There are some sellers who offer furniture which uses teak only on the surface; meanwhile on the bottom side they use t-block or plywood. By knocking the surface of the furniture, you could figure out the difference. Teak has some types and grades. Good teak in markets has to be off of the white part.

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It has no white part which is rather hairy and an eye which is the prospective new branch. This white part usually becomes termite food; meanwhile the eye makes teak becomes more fragile. Teak which is cut down when it is small, its bark must be in white color and it still has eye. This sort of teak could create to be furniture, yet the result is not good. This sort of teak is used to press the selling price.

For price, the wider the teak board, the higher the price would be. To adjust it with market price, usually it is combined with joint board. The quality of teak is determined by the place of origin. To choose teak chair for best apartment furniture, you should see whether the chair has eye and white color or not for the life of the chair is on the part of the legs.

If there is eye on the leg of the chair, then the chair would be easily broken. Meanwhile to choose a desk, you should concern its surface. Select desk with soft surface and not fragile. Those are some tips you could use as consideration to choose teak for best apartment furniture.

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