Bar Stool Used In Modern Kitchen Islands With Seating

Modern kitchen islands with seating are usually used as the place to serve and enjoy food. The dish which is cooked in the kitchen does not have to be brought and ordered in separated room of dining room. Such this concept is very fit for house with minimalist are which functions to save space and also save the serving time.

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Modern Kitchen Islands with Seating like Bar Stool

Besides, when the home owners cook, they could still have an enjoyable chat with their friends who are sitting in the area of the island. Today’s kitchen set design has been equipped with kitchen table or island furniture. However, the presence of modern kitchen islands with seating needs precise location so that its function could be maximal.

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Other concept, like bar, could be applied in kitchen design of U-shaped and L-shaped by placing the island in one side of the kitchen which faces the center of the room or the dining room. This sort of kitchen model becomes the right solution to combine kitchen and dining room.

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Seating for your Contemporary Kitchen Islands

If you have had dining room area within your house, there is no harm to have kitchen with bar or island concept. This area could be useful as breakfast table, or as additional table to serve guests who visit your house. To make the function of this area becomes maximal, you may provide this island with seating or bar stool if the concept you bring is bar.

However, you could also use bar stool as seating for your modern kitchen island with seating. Bar stool becomes important element as seat in the kitchen and also becomes furniture which could beautify the kitchen area. Then, what sort of seating design which is suitable for kitchen?

Bar stool usually has special feature like long legs, without or few seat back, and usually could be rotated. Due to the height of bar table is higher than pantry table, thus the height of the bar stool should be following. However, you choose seating or bar stool which is suitable with your taste and your need of the kitchen island.

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