Attractive Fireplace Stone Veneer

Fireplace has become favorite spot to gather in American house. Fireplace adds atmosphere which could trigger some memorable memories. With all the benefits which you could get from fireplace, there are some main lacks which if it is not handled well, this could cause the fireplace becomes fading.

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Fireplace Stone Veneer as One of Fireplace Designs

There are many designs of fireplace which you could choose to be applied in your living room. One of those various designs is fireplace stone veneer. For your information, stone veneer is actually natural stones which are thinly sliced in thickness between 0,3-2 m. This sort of stone has high elasticity and could be used to decorate the interior and exterior of the house. This sort of stone is invented in Germany and became the winner of contest material vision 2009.

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Stone veneer is light and easily applied so that it could simplify in installation process. The cutting process in only using a sort of scissors and the adhesive tools are adjusted with the media which would be applied. There are twelve kinds of natural stones and those are autumn, autumn white, autumn rustic, silver shine, jeara green, copper, blackline, blackslate as well as terra red alo ocean green then sahara and multicolor.

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Those types of materials could be applied to be your fireplace stone veneer. Therefore, you could choose which material which is suitable with fireplace stone veneer you would want to have in your house. It is because, today’s people do not intend to build a fireplace within a house just for its function only yet it is related to the aesthetic value of its design which is shown by building a fireplace in the living room for the existence of fireplace in the living room could become point of interest.

The Excess of Stone Veneer for Fireplace Stone Veneer

Stone veneer has more excesses compared with common natural stones. The first excess is that stone veneer is light so that it is easy to bring and moved. The second excess is that stone veneer is easy to cut and shape. You just need a scissors to cut it. The third is that this sort of stone is flexible. This could be bent following the media which would be applied. Stone veneer is anti-ultra violet.

This material tends to be resistant toward sun light. The last excess is that this type of material has many variants and its type and motif diversity are not monotone so that it could enrich the beauty of the house. Stone veneer could be applied in any various media like wall as well as plafond also low traffic flooring and furniture as well in fireplace.

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