Architect Desks For Architect Work

Architect has big role in planning design for a building or construction. Not only for the creativity of design idea of the building but for each construction design, is the precise size of the building also important. Therefore the helping tools to create line with precise scale are absolutely needed by every architect for this would influence to the final result of building design execution which he creates.

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Drafting Machine to Help Architect Work

There are some people who still think that even with a ruler, everyone could create a straight line which is precision. The fact is ordinary ruler could not help to create design optimally. This would take longer time with result which is not accurate if they use tool which is not specific to design a building.

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The tools which are most important for an architect in designing a building design are an architect desk and a drafting machine. An architect desk and a drafting machine would be very helpful for an architect. The function of architect drafting machine is divided based on the supporting items that are drafting machine, drafting board, and drafting stand. Drafting machine is the main part in architect drafting machine. There are two kinds of drafting machine which exists now that are drafting machine with tracker system and arm system.

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Architect Desks Machine to Architect Work

Tracker system consists of two parts which are upright and each part could be shifted as suitable with the need for creating vertical and horizontal lines. Drafting machine with arm system consists of two parts which each tip is connected to the fulcrum which could be rotated like arms. The upper arm of this sort of machine is installed on the drafting board in order it is not shifted. The function of drafting machine with arm type is to ease the measurement of angle degree.

Drafting board is other important part of architecture drafting machine. The function has been already clear to draft the building design which is being worked. Architect drafting board has some sizes as suitable with the need of the users. Besides, there is also magnet addition in some types of drafting board to maintain in order the paper is not shifted.

Drafting stand is the last part of architecture drafting machine. The function is to support other parts in order they could stand strongly. Generally, the height of drafting stand could be adjusted as the need of the users. The newest drafting stand has a way of setting the high and low by only stepping the handle available.

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